The day has finally arrived... we're launching the Dental Girl Gang Social Circle!!

We've been working our butts off the last few months building a DREAM COME TRUE space for dental girls to learn, connect, grow, and thrive together.

2021 is your year, we can just feel it. 🤩 The Dental Girl Gang Social Circle was created to help you #dothework and have an absolute blast while doing it.

Inside the Social Circle, you’ll find a new life-changing masterclass each month, as well as a monthly book club (complete with a virtual happy hour book discussion). 🎉

All month long, you can work through our incredible library of downloadable resources on a range of topics meant to push you towards your best self.


We've been having so much fun since our launch!

As a Member, here's what you'll get:

Get an inspiring video masterclass each month PLUS other useful content centered around topics like career, love, relationships, fitness, travel, and more!

Join our private FB group for members only. There is so much fun on the inside! We'll do video chats, fun polls, and you can connect, share ideas, and form friendships!

Access amazing monthly bonus items like a DGG Book Club and IG Takeovers with inspiring members of the group... like you! Nothing but positivity and inspiration!

Participate in future exclusive virtual & in-person events that make the Social Circle a positive place to connect and grow alongside other amazing women!

Think of it like a digital subscription box for your soul, and it's only $39 a month! 🥳 Kind of a no-brainer, don't you think?


So, what do you say?

Do you want to become a member of the Dental Girl Gang Social Circle?